Concierto de La Plazuela en Granada
Sab 15

Localidad: Granada

Lugar: Plaza de Toros


Sab 15


is a versatile and dynamic musical duo from Granada, Spain, consisting of Manuel Hidalgo ‘Indio’ and Luis Abril ‘Nitro’. They have a unique and eclectic style that blends elements of funk, flamenco, pop, rap, techno, and more. Their music is refreshing, modern, and innovative, refusing to be confined to a single genre.

Compared to artists like Delinquentes or Pata Negra, La Plazuela sets themselves apart with their contemporary and diverse approach to music. Their first EP, titled ‘Jamila’, showcases their experimental and boundary-pushing sound. The EP includes fragments of old songs collected by Federico García Lorca, a renowned poet from Granada, reflecting the duo’s artistic roots.

La Plazuela’s live performances are another highlight of their career. Despite the complexity of their music, they deliver captivating shows by incorporating technology to recreate their unique sound. Their latest album, ‘Roneo Funk Club’, released in 2023, was a massive success, leading to sold-out shows at prestigious venues across Spain.

Recognized for their talent and creativity, La Plazuela has received critical acclaim and industry accolades. In 2024, they triumphed at the first edition of the Spanish Academy of Music Awards, winning multiple categories including best urban and alternative song, best electronic album, and best alternative fusion album.

With their infectious energy, engaging stage presence, and distinctive aesthetic, La Plazuela is making a significant impact on the music scene. Their success goes beyond commercial achievements, resonating with both critics and fellow artists. As they continue to push boundaries and challenge musical norms, La Plazuela is undoubtedly leaving a lasting mark in the industry.

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